The Top 6 Ways to Removing Whiteheads

Published: 25th February 2011
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Another common type of acne is whiteheads. They tend to be yellow or white, and they are mostly caused by compilation of oil produced by the body which in time begins to harden. The appearance of whiteheads tends to make the skin appear more uneven. Popping them or trying to break them will be useless. However there are great methods that will help you get rid of whiteheads naturally and easy. By following the tips I am about to give you, your skin will look beautiful and clean all the time!

-I recommend you wash your face twice daily, this will help oil from staying in your skin to long and forming whiteheads.

-If you skin starts to feel oily apply some warm water to your face and rinse. This will help open the pores, and help remove the oil.

-Try to keep your skin nice and moisturized, having dry skin will cause you to most likely develop whiteheads. (use an oil free solution)

-Try not to touch your skin at all, or at least make sure your hands are clean before doing so. Not touching your skin will help decrease any bacteria which may get into your skin and cause whiteheads or infections.

-Drink lots and lots of water. Water will help you remove all the dirty toxins from your body and will act as a form of detox which will help you cure and prevent whiteheads.

-Eat lots of fruits and vegetables high in vitamin E. This will assure that your body and skin look great, and also helps remove whiteheads.

It is very simple in removing whiteheads. Remember to always rinse your face. Drink lots of water to help keep you hydrated and detox from toxins. Avoid touching your skin and using oily products, as oil is a major cause of whiteheads. Natural remedies are much safer and more effective!

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